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We created Heftzibo (‘the object within’, also a play on the Hebrew name Heftziba) for our children with the aim of helping them with major transitions in their lives - transitions between educational settings, home relocations or embarking on their first experiences in school. We never imagined that it would serve children who lost everything they knew in the world.
But the Hafetsibo project is now being mobilized entirely for the benefit of these children - the survivors of the inferno in the kibbutzim of the south, whose entire worlds have been decimated.
We want the Heftzibo doll to give them a sense of security and comfort and accompany them as much as possible in this impossible reality.

Heftzibo is a transitional object - a cuddly doll that hangs around the neck, along with a healing story written and wrapped in a soft cover, a pillow case with a pocket for the doll and a personal ID card for each doll, because each doll has a child with a name and an identity,  a companion for such times.

Every Hafesibo kit that is donated will go to a child who has been identified as needing just such a doll. Every donation will help us reach more children to try to soften this new reality for them with compassion and embrace. We want to reach as many children as possible to aide in the process of adaptation and healing.


Thank you for taking the time to read about our project. Each Heftzibo costs us 300 shekels to produce and deliver. Please consider donating to help us reach more children.

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